The Nordmann fir is best known for it’s needle holding longevity. It’s foliage is glossy and richly green in colour with a pale grey underside to each needle. The needles are soft to the touch, ideal for centrally heated rooms and for homes with children and pets. The most popular Christmas tree in the UK!

Nordmann Fir

  • Freshly cut trees need a lot of water, like a bunch of flowers. You should immerse the tree trunk to ensure that it has enough to drink and prevent the needles from drying out.

    We sell special tree holders that mean you can water your trees and tree skirts to conceal them, till all the presents arrive!

    Place your tree in as cool and moist place as possible – well away from fires and radiators. This will help stop the needles from drying out and dropping off.

    Water your tree regularly. This will keep it looking fresh and healthy with good needle retention until Twelfth Night.