The Sussex Christmas Barn can be found at Gipps Farm, which is at the heart of the 2,500 acre Sutton Hall Farm estate between the villages of Barcombe, Newick, Isfield and Chailey.  The barn has views extending to the South Downs National Park, to the Ashdown Forest Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and across the Ouse Valley.

Sussex Christmas Barn

The barn has fulfilled many roles over the centuries. For about 250 years it gave shelter to cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens and it safely stored hay, straw and grains. During World War II it was home to Canadian soldiers, initially as they stood ready to defend London against an invading German army, and later as they prepared to cross the Channel to defend our shores. Evidence of its importance in the second World War can still be seen today – outside the barn is a semi-circle of concrete bollards which were to be arranged across the road to stop an invading German army!

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The barn has sat empty and redundant for many years as it became superfluous to modern agricultural needs. We are very happy that the barn has been brought back to life and has a new role – to give you and your family an enchanting place in which to begin your Christmas celebrations.


Where are you located

We are located on the Spithurst Road between the villages of Barcombe and Newick which is approximately 6 miles North of Lewes (the county town of East Sussex). You can use the intereactive map on our CONTACT page to personalise your directions based on your location.

Do you take Credit Cards?

Yes we do, but we don't accept American Express.

Are refreshments available on site?

A "take away" café with outdoor seating dotted around will be available. Food will be served in takeaway boxes - street food style. The usual hot drinks and cake will also be available to buy. We are very sorry not to be able to run our normal in-house café, but want to ensure that we keep all customers and staff safe and well. All the café food will be served in disposable food cartons The "café" will be outdoor based and the barn will be well ventilated - so please do wrap up warm! Remember hats, scarves, gloves etc - your winter woollies.

Is there wheelchair access?

A wheelchair can reach most parts of the shop. We also have a disabled WC.

Are dogs allowed?

We are really sorry but due to COVID-19 this year we are asking that no dogs (except guide dogs) come into the barn to allow for easier shopping experience.

How are you dealing with COVID-19

We have drawn up a comprehensive management plan which is available on our website here. Please take the time to read these plans since they will affect your visit to the barn.



Every generation brings something new to the farm and in 2017 we started a Christmas tree enterprise. We planted 22,500 trees and plan to plant lots more trees over the next five years. Our aim is to produce the highest quality Christmas tree and to sell the very freshest of trees with the lowest of “tree miles”. 


As a small family business, we tend to our Christmas trees by hand throughout the year - planting the little trees, pruning and tending them to create the perfect shape.

We are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association, a trade association for those who grow specialist Christmas Trees in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Christmas Trees For Sale - Compressed Ed

Caring for our environment​

We look after the environment carefully.  We have signed up to the Entry Level And Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Schemes.  We have acres of uncropped grass margins and headlands around the farm creating wildlife corridors for insects, birds, reptiles and mammals of all sorts.  We have fields left for wading birds and now have an annual visitation from a flock of Lapwings who nest and breed on the farm.  The farm is home to three types of deer along with foxes, badgers, bats, owls (barn, tawny and little) and many varieties of dragon flies, butterflies, frogs, toads, newts and grass-snakes - to name a few of our residents.


Our Christmas tree fields are very beneficial to all sorts of wildlife.  We use the minimum amount of nutrients and pesticides on our trees which allows more plants and wildflowers to grow around the trees which benefits bees, insects, birds, owls and small mammals.


One fascinating fact about Christmas trees is the huge amounts of CO2 that they absorb.  A Christmas tree is green all year round which means they absorb C02 all year round.  A hectare of Christmas trees will absorb 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year!