These trees are planted in their pots and they are established in their pots in the ground.  Potted trees are grown in the soil and dug up before being potted. The advantage of pot grown trees over potted are as follows: 


  • Most roots are contained within the pot after lifting
  • The fibrous feeder roots are not damaged
  • The structural root remains intact


Pot grown trees therefore have little or no root damage.

Pot Grown Christmas Trees

  • A pot grown tree is a living product so should be watered perhaps weekly, not too much water, just enough to keep the soil from drying out. Best advice for longevity would be to ensure the tree is de-climatized when removed from the house, this is because the soil will have warmed up during its time in doors so will need cooling down again slowly, perhaps putting in the garage or shed until spring time.  Sudden changes will shock the tree roots and could lead to mortality.

    The trees are grown in there pots so the pot will soon become too small to sustain a large tree, it is advisable to plant into the ground or pot on to a pot at least 2lts bigger each year which will allow some unrestricted root growth. Potting should always be when the tree is fully dormant between Nov and Feb.